Frequently Asked Questions

IT Anywhere understand why your critical business services are so important to your daily operations. We have identified several frequently asked questions and answered them to help align our services and technology to better support your business initiatives.

  1. While both offerings include all the same back office monitoring, management and maintenance with unlimited remote support, the Fully managed service includes unlimited onsite support.
  2. Unlimited onsite support provides the added peace of mind knowing that if an issue cannot be resolved remotely, an engineer will be dispatched at no additional cost.  
  1. Managed encryption targets data at rest on the hard drive of your laptop so in the event your laptop is stolen or lost, the data cannot be accessed or viewed by anyone.
  2. Managed Password provides a secure password management tool where you store all your credential to devices, network resources, web application, email accounts and more, allowing you to create long complex passwords to secure your accounts and remaining in control at all times.
  1. A firewall is used to protect your network from the internet by filtering inbound and outbound traffic based on a set of rules and intelligent intrusion and virus detection services with the objective of limiting unwanted traffic from entering your network. With statistics showing a hacker attack happening every 39 seconds and over 300 000 new malwares created daily, the need to protect your perimeter is paramount.

There are 3 phases to securing your network,

    1. Implement foundation of antivirus, Patch management, backups, encryption, and password management
    2. Identify critical infrastructure that requires additional security like firewalls, Multi factor authentication, Event log monitoring and vulnerability scanning
  1. Cyber Crime is a crime that involves a computer system (technology) and a network, where the computer may have been used in the commissioning of the crime or may have been the target. Examples of Cybercrime include, Phishing scams, identify Theft, Invasion of privacy, data ransom and payment fraud
  2. Cyber Security are the measures put in place to protect computers, networks and technology from cyber crime and malicious threats. 
  1. Your backup is only as good as your ability to restore the data. Key indicators of a good backup and disaster recovery service are backup restore guarantee, Monitored and managed backup schedules, regular reporting and transparency into the historical backup schedules, regular testing of the restore process.
  1. Yes. Microsoft’s responsibility is only to ensure that the service is operation and data is accessible, they are not responsible for the backup of individual customer sites/libraries/files.
  1. To audit a network is to analyse, study and gather details about the network’s infrastructure, hardware, software, performance, compliance and security.
  2. A network audit provides an objective view of your business IT infrastructure whereby empowering both technical and non-technical stakeholders to make educated data driven decisions
  1. You need a ‘human firewall’ – With the Top 5 cyber security threats being, phishing, Malware attacks, Ransomware, Weak Passwords and insider threats, the “user” carries the highest risk with more that 92% of data breaches originating from a Spear Phishing email.  Staff play a major role in ensuring the security of an organisations IT systems and sensitive data as they are the last line of defence.
  1. NetPath is an intelligent monitoring service that traces a network path from point A to Point B and provides detailed analytics of all the internet hops along the way.
  2. NetPath is used to monitor business critical cloud applications and services that need to be up and online and provides historical and live information on the performance of the connection with details to pinpoint the exact location of any connectivity related performance issues, removing the finger pointing and finding the root cause quickly and efficiently.
  1. Unlimited remote support is provided post remote troubleshooting. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, IT Anywhere will dispatch an engineer to site at no charge.
  1. A network audit focuses on infrastructure, software, inventory, performance and surface level security and vulnerabilities
  2. A security audit is an in-depth audit into the Information Technology Security of the organisation and includes; IT policy reviews, targeted vulnerability scanning, Wi-Fi security review, firewall Security review, password audit and physical security auditing and testing.

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