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Be Prepared for Anything

Companies today, are valued more and more based on the data they possess. While this offers great opportunities, it also causes greater dependencies on ICT (information, communication, technology) and greater risks.

Continuation of business processes has become a goal in itself. Due to loadshedding and disruptions caused by theft , hardware failure and natural disasters; your company can stop functioning before you know it. The increased frequency of cyber-attacks and ransomware make for a greater chance of becoming a digital hostage.

The financial consequences and reputational damage of data loss and unplanned downtime have an impact on your organisation that is difficult to calculate.

Unfortunately, technical disruptions and contingencies are unavoidable. However, by thinking about the consequences and the right preventive measures in advance, damage can be limited. 

The only thing harder than planning for an emergency, is explaining why you didn’t!

IT Anywhere’s BDR [Back up & Disaster Recovery] forms an important element in securing your business critical data. By using ITA’s BDR as a service, you don’t have to invest in hardware and software. In addition, the costs for maintenance, management and support are included.

Benefits of Backup & Disaster Recover:


Backup in minutes instead of hours. There is limited use of bandwidth, so backups won’t interfere with your work. Our online backup allows you to restore data from your backup quickly. No need to worry about those time consuming searches for the right file, it’s all right there in your backup.


Automatic daily backups with 24/7 fast backup and restore possibility. You can determine for yourself how far back in time you need to go for retrieving data, including version management. ITA BDR does its job without you having to think about it, there is no need to change drives for a solid working backup. We can also archive your backups for safekeeping.


Data is encrypted using military grade encryption methods on your systems before it is sent to the storage in a heavily secured datacenter in Cape Town.

The datacenter is certfied on the highest ISO level:


Backups are available at any time for restoring data. Automatic backups are performed every day. Our BDR meets compliancy with privacy laws and GDPR the EU General Data.


Data is encrypted using military grade encryption methods on your systems before it is sent to the storage in a heavily secured datacenter in Cape Town. The datacenter is certified on the highest ISO level.


Before data is transferred to the storage, it is encrypted. It stays encrypted on the storage. You have a choice of encryption level between AES 128, AES 256 or Blowfish 448 encryption. These standards are accepted worldwide as extremely secure methods of encryption.


By default, backups are created once a day. If your company needs a higher frequency of backups, we can agree on the right number of backups for your organisation.

Hybrid Solution

You benefit from even faster availability of your data, by creating a local copy of the cloud backups.


By default, the retention period of your backups is set to 28 days.


Archiving can be provided in the event that more than 28-day retention is required. Backup sessions will always stay available for immediate restore, regardless of the retention period.


ITA BDR supports most currently used platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux and Apple Mac OS X.


Backup only proves its value when it enables you to accurately restore your data when you need it. Using the ITA service, you can do restores the easiest and quickest way possible. Restore tests can be performed at any time, so you can easily make this part of a disaster recovery plan.

Term of Contract

This agreement has an indefinite duration and can be terminated on 6 months written notice.

End of Service

On the first office day after termination of the ITA BDR service, we will remove all present devices and their data.

Backup & Disaster Recover Package

Files & Folders
Automated Backup
28 Days Retention
Custom Retention
Self Service Restore
Daily Reporting
Advanced Reporting
Support During Office Hours
Unlimited 24/7 Support
On Request
Advanced Performance Monitoring
Fully Managed Restores
On Request
Custom Number of Schedules
System State Backup
Server Backup
Application Backup
Local Copy of your Cloud Backup
Includes 500GB
Hyper-V & Vmware Backup
Continuous Recovery
Quarterly Restore Testing
On Request