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Managed Encryption

Our customer’s data is critical to their business. If it lands in the wrong hands, it could lead to an impaired reputation, loss of customers, or financial loss. Disk encryption is one of the tools you can use to safeguard your data by rendering the information on their disk drives unreadable to unauthorised users.


Disk encryption manager offers scalable deployment, management/monitoring, reporting, and the ability to determine the encryption status of the last checked-in device. ITA will encrypt and you can rest assure that the encryption will last into the future.

IT Anywhere Managed Encryption

Key Benefits:

Disk Encryption Manager

ITA will deploy disk encryption manager, with a standardised set of settings to all devices

Encryption Monitoring & Management

ITA will monitor and manage the encryption status ensuring all Devices are protected

Permission-based Recovery Key Access

You’ll no longer need to install and maintain a key management server – ITA stores your recovery keys safely with permission-based access

Disc Encryption

A disc encryption status report will clearly demonstrate compliance

Key Management Storage

No separate key management storage required

Bitlocker Deployment

ITA has the ability to manage Bitlocker deployment

ITA Managed Encryption not only protects your endpoint user data from getting into the wrong hands, but reports on encryption key recovery. Simplicity and ease of management is designed to enable your staff to stay focused and work more efficiently knowing their encryption status and key management is taken care of.